How to Know Your Hot Tub Water Needs Maintenance?


Purchasing a hot tub from genuine hot tub dealers┬áis one of the best ways to invest in your general health and well-being. While you’re using a hot tub, you should ensure that your water is properly balanced; this helps to greatly improve the lifespan of the hot tub water. In these years, you silk also enjoy the relaxation and utmost enjoyment that comes with owning a hot tub.

While it takes few minutes each week to maintain your water, your sense organs also tend to notify you of when you should balance the water. These organs range from your eye to your nose to your hands, skin, etc. This guide shows you some clues on how to know when it’s time to maintain your hot tub.

Hot Tub Water – When to Maintain

1. Musty Odor

As soon as you notice that your hot tub water is beginning to have a stake odor, this could be an indication that the water is lacking in sanitizer. You can correct this by using a shock oxidizer that’s appropriate for a spa.

2. Smelly Water

The smell of the water is one of the first signs of a spa that needs good maintenance. So, take note of when the water starts smelling funky – there may be bacteria in it. Sometimes, it may look clean and clear, but you will have to trust your nose to help you with what the problem may be.

3. Scent of Chemical

Check for when the smell from the water reeks of chemicals; it could be as a result of sanitizer buildups. A compatible shock oxidizer may help you to tackle this issue in time.

4. Green Color Water

When this happens to your hot tub, do not overthink it. That’s because one of the most common places that algae bloom in is the water, especially if it has a low amount of sanitizer and high pH. To take care of this, you can ask your supplier for the best hot tub equipment to use. It could some brominating tablets or chlorinating granules.

5. Foam

If there’s a high concentration of the soap, lotions, and body oils you use in the hot tub, it can form a foam. You can use a spa defoamer to adjust the pH of the water. It helps to clean the hot tub and make it free from foams. If the case is extreme you may need to hire a plumber to drain and refill your hot tub water.

6. Cloudy Water

You can always trust your eyes to tell you when the water in the hot tub no longer looks as clear as it uses to. If you notice that it’s cloudy, you can check the filter, as a loose filter can enable this too.

Final Thoughts

If all measures to get your hot tub back in place don’t work, you can opt for draining and refilling as they come in handy at all times. Also, contracting the assistance of qualified hot tub dealers would help to educate you on how you can effectively go about cleaning and maintaining your tub.

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