What You Should Know To Take Care for Micro Braids


If you’re seeking a perfect and protective braiding style this year, micro braids are definitely what you need. Your overall appearance will immediately elevate with this incredible invention. If you’re not sure what this braided style is, don’t worry. This article will cover everything in detail, from what it is to how you can properly take care of micro braids.

So without further delay, let’s dive straight in!

What Are Micro Braids

Micro braids are extremely thin braids that are installed on your hair. They often resemble the thickness of natural hair strands, which makes the braid style versatile. Although you require a lot of time to install and remove these tiny braids, the result makes it worthwhile.

Styling of the micro braids is pretty straightforward and is similar to how you would deal with your natural hair. It is because only a few strands are used at a time when installing to your hair. This makes micro braids lighter and more protective than other options available.

How to Take Care for Micro Braids

An essential step in taking care of micro braids is the correct installation. If installed too tightly, it leads to traction alopecia, which is a condition of hair loss caused by extensive pulling of the hair.

As micro braids are meant to stay installed for several weeks, you’d have to maintain the style as you would with your natural hair. You should wash your braided hair once or twice a week, but no more.

Simple, take some shampoo on your palm and gently massage it in your head. Rinse off with cool or lukewarm water, and use a hydrating conditioner to moisturize your locks. Then, air dries them completely before you head towards styling. If needed, you can even use a blow dryer or a hooded dryer, so they are 100 percent dry.

Alternatively, you can use astringent, preferably witch hazel, if you don’t have time to wash your hair. Use cotton to apply it to your scalp and ensure that it stays healthy and dirt-free.

Effects of Micro Braids

Technically, micro braids have no direct impact on your hair’s health. But if proper maintenance is overlooked, it will lead to some serious issues. As too much of anything is bad, you should avoid wearing this style frequently. As with other protective hairstyles, if you wear them improperly or too often, you might experience a receding hairline or thin of your hair.

If you’re extra conscious about the health of your hair, think twice before getting this style done. Micro braids are not bad for most hair types as long as they are healthy. But, people with thin or fragile hair should avoid this protective style completely to prevent further breakage or hair loss.


Micro braids can last around eight weeks without an issue. But there are other factors that determine this duration, like how well you maintain them. However, you shouldn’t leave them in for more than eight weeks, even if they’re in good condition, without consulting your stylist.

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