What You Should Know About Human Hair Wigs?


Many women are welcoming the idea of using wigs. Not just anyone, but human hair wigs. Are you having a bad hair day? Is your hair thinning out? You can preserve it by purchasing a wig.

What happens when you don’t know anything concerning wigs? Seeking answers would be the best option. That said, here are a few FAQs to guide you when you’re ready to invest in your beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Human Hair Wigs

Q: How do I identify my wig size?

A: human hair wigs can come in different sizes; average, large, or petite sizes. Average-sized wig caps can size about 95% of women. However, if you’re not sure of which wig size would fit your head, you can consult with your hairstylist; they will walk you through the process.

Q: How can I choose the right color for my human hair wig

A: Once you’ve seen the style of wig you love, selecting the color shouldn’t be as hard. If you’re a beginner, you may need to stick to a color that compliments your natural skin tone. You can try experimenting with other colors in the long run.

Q: What kind of wig should I buy for my sensitive scalp?

The most gentle types of wigs are the double monofilament or %100 hands tied wigs. They will help to protect your scalp against sensitivity.

Q: How can I care for my human hair wig?

A: Most human hair wigs tend to come with specific instructions on how you can maintain them. When not in use, you can use a wig stand or mannequin to store your wig; this will help to retain its shape and prevent it from over tangling. You only need to wash when it’s necessary.

Q: Must I have more than one human hair wig?

A: Yes! Having more than one wig will allow your wigs to last longer. You can wash and air dry one whole you’re wearing another.

Q: Can I Curl or straighten my human hair wig?

A: Yes, you can. If it were synthetic hair, you can expect it to damage beyond repair if the heat gets to it. For human hair wigs, you have versatility as tiny can either straighten or curl them the way you would with your natural hair.

Q: Can I color my human hair wig?

A: Yes, you can color it. Dying your hair allows flexibility. It’s advised that you use darker colors as there are tons of chemical processing that comes with dying other brighter colors.

Again, the coloring process is quite tricky, so you should only allow a professional to handle it.

Q: Can I shower with my human hair wig?

A: While this is possible, it’s not recommended. Immersing the hair in water can stress it and create severe tangles. The salt and chemicals can damage and may dry out the hair – this can affect the color.

Final Thoughts

Knowing how to manage your human hair wig is necessary. That way, it will last longer and give you a good value for what your money is worth. This guide responds to any question you may have always had about human hair wigs.

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