What Are Different Types of Breast Pumps?


Completing newborn nutrition is the first priority of every mother. And there is only one way she can accomplish this goal: b breastfeeding. A mother’s milk is a complete and healthiest diet for every newborn.

However, many mothers cannot feed their babies because of their tight working hours or everyday groceries. So, breast pumps are the ideal solution discovered to put all mothers at ease.

A breast pump is a device used to express milk out of the breast with the mechanism of suction. So, a mother can store her milk to feed the baby when she is outside or not at home for the baby.

Initially, the simplest form of the pump was designed, but this invention became more and more convenient by that time. Now we have many different types of breast pumps available in marker, and below is the introduction of every type.

If you are a mother looking for the best pump option, this guide is for you!

Types of Breast Pumps Based on Working Mechanism 

1. Manual 

In manual pumps, a handle or pump is used to suck the milk. These are self-operated pumps where the person has to press the lever to express milk continuously. It is the simplest and oldest type of pump.


  • No need for a battery or electric source
  • Easy to clean
  • Most affordable


  • Need continuous work
  • It can be a bit hectic for a mother
  • Slow suction

2. Electric 

As the name indicates, electric pumps are the ones that use electricity for operation. These pumps are directly attached to an electric outlet and are completely automatic so the mother can enjoy or do her work without getting disturbed.

These pumps are further divided into two types;

Single pump – Expresses milk from one side at a time

Double pump – Expresses milk from both sides at once, expensive but fast


  • Fastest milk suction
  • No manual work
  • Automatic


  • Expensive
  • Always need an outlet

3. Battery-Powered

These pumps use a chargeable battery for operation. The attached battery eliminates the continuous requirement of an outlet. These pumps are ideal for traveling and when you are not at home.


  • Portable
  • Compact Design
  • Convenient


  • Expensive
  • Charging hassle
  • Difficult to clean

Types of Breast Pumps Based on Design

One of the major issues in electric and battery-powered pumps is their sanitizing and cleaning because you have to precisely clean the inner system of the pump every time after using them. S, based on the design, there are two types of breast pumps mentioned below!

1. Closed System

They are also known as hospital-grade pumps due to their highly advanced design. In these pumps, the passage or pipe of milk is completely separated from other systems, making it easier to clean them.

Due to this system, these pumps can be used by different people without cross-contamination. That’s the reason they are used in hospitals and rented by hospitals. Most people cannot afford these pumps, so they rent them from hospitals.

2. Open System

Opposite from the previous ones, in these pumps, milk passes through all the internal pump structures, which makes it very difficult to clean every little corner of the pump. All three types of pumps mentioned above are usually available in an open system.

The Final Words

Breast pumps are a basic need of every busy and working woman, and based on every mother’s condition; there are different pump types available on the market. Above we have described the most common types of these pumps, but you can also check the pumps of different designs on the sites like Bella baby.

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