Tips For Properly Attaching Your Hose To The Hose Reel


Giraffe Tools is the go-to place for buying top-quality gardening accessories. The company manufactures a wide range of gardening accessories like garden hoses and hose reels. Its products are widely renowned for their quality and convenience. Owning a garden hose is a great way to protect your watering hose from damage and make your garden look more elegant. This write-up focuses on attaching hose reel.

Tips for attaching your hose to your hose reel

Attaching your hose to your hose reel is an essential part of ensuring that it functions properly. While the process does not take a lot of time and is not complicated, it may require some care. Below are practical tips for properly attaching your hose to your hose reel;

1. Ensure that the hose is straight before winding it on the hose reel

The first thing you must do when attaching your watering hose to the hose reel is straightening it. Doing this will ensure that the hose goes on the hose reel effortlessly. It will also ensure that there are no bends that could break and spur leakage in the long run. Straightening the hose is a straightforward process that will not take you a lot of time.

2. Ensure that you secure all connections

A significant part of attaching your hose to a hose ree is connecting various points of both products. The main connection points are the tap, the spray end, and the side of the hose reel. It would be wise to ensure that all connections are secure. Doing this will prevent issues like leaking. Leaking may cause severe damages in the long run, like rust on parts of the hose reel.

3. Be careful not to tighten the components too much

Part of attaching a hose to a hose reel is threading a screw on one end of a female connector. Practitioners often recommend that you tighten the screw efficiently. However, it would also be wise if you did not tighten it too hard. Doing this will place too much pressure on the plastic parts, causing them to break.

4. Make sure you use the connect tools

While attaching your hose to the hose reel is a simple process, it does require some tools. The role of the devices is to help make the process effortless and successful. You will need a hose connector and a starter kit. It would be wise to ensure that the tools are compatible with the hose reel type.

5. Do not rush the process of winding the hose on the reel

The last step of attaching your hose to the hose reel is winding. This is where you get the hose on the reel. A helpful tip for this step of the process is to take your time. Hold on one end of the hose as you wind it to ensure that it is straight and goes on the reel properly. Doing this will save you a lot of hassle when unwinding and retracting the hose reel in the future.

Final Word

Note that following the tips listed above will help extend the life of your watering hose. It will keep it from noosing or cracking. It will also ensure the proper performance of both your hose and hose reel.

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