Things to consider when buying a retractable cord reel


Buying any electrical equipment requires a comprehensive guide because most times, the technical jargon used to describe the functions of an electronic device can be challenging to understand. Like any other engineering world, the electrical world is governed by several technical rules. Many engineered devices are explained away by facts and figures. A retractable cord reel is an electrical device that demands you know some basic information before purchasing one. Read on to discover what you should keep in mind while buying a retractable cord reel. You will be glad you did.

The danger of going in blind

Are you someone who goes in blind during the purchase of devices you consider out of your knowledge circle? You may not want to do that with a cord reel because buying the wrong type of retractable cord reel is a costly decision. For example, did you know that there are several types of cord reels, and the premium-grade SJTOW is one you should be on the lookout for, even if it seems a bit expensive? The human in us usually goes for the cheaper option, and that could, as mentioned earlier, be a costly decision.

You could buy a retractable cord reel that does not have the power to the devices you own, which could cause the cable to burn out, and in some cases, that could cause a fire hazard in the house. You could buy a cord reel with a cable that doesn’t extend over the distance you need it to, and you may have to go through the stress of returning it for another. The guides discussed below will help you avoid many of these problems.

Things to look out for

Cable length

Do you need your cord reel to extend over a long distance to power a device? Then at the point of purchase, you should check the length the cable inside the reel can reach. Most online retailers put the size right next to the cord reel-type, so it is easier to spot. However, if you are going into a hardware store, you can ask one of the staff in the store if you can’t spot the length via the label or box write-up of the device.

Cord-reel construction

 Three essential components make up a cord reel. They are the reel drive system, the collector ring, brush assembly, the frame, and the drum. You can look through any form of a booklet that accompanies the device to ensure that all are pointed out.

Cable Wire Size

The cable size is important because it is a factor that determines if your cord reel has the amperage to operate the equipment you need it for. You need to calculate the amperage you need before heading to the store.


Going in blind when buying electrical devices is not a great idea. Retractable cord reels can set you back some hundreds of dollars, so any mistake you make means you have to live with a hundred-dollar mistake or spend more to correct it.

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