How to Shop for Silk Pillowcases

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Sleep is an important part of every human being, no matter when you choose to have it. It can be the usual night hours or during the day when you want to relax before resuming your routine. The right pillow and pillowcase play a huge role in the kind of sleep you’ll have. Pillowcases, in particular, come into contact with your face, and having the right kind is vital.  Silk is an ideal material for your cases. The best silk pillowcase is smooth, light, and easy to clean. We look at tips for buying silk pillowcases below.

Tips to Consider When Shopping for Silk Pillowcases

Silk often appears as a luxury material, and many people prefer it to other fabrics. Before buying any silk pillowcase, check out the following

1. Grade of the Silk

Silk fabric comes in various grades, which help distinguish the quality. Generally, silk is expensive, but some grades are more costly than others. The lowest grade is more affordable than the highest, but the quality is not the best. Manufacturers worldwide use a specific grading system, so anything other than that is false. The grades from the highest to the lowest are A, B, and C. Each Is further subdivided into small categories ranging from 1 to 6. In grade A, category 6 has the best quality, while category 1 has the lowest quality.

2. 100% silk

When shopping, don’t buy pillowcases just because they are advertised as silk. Most sellers use silk as the selling point, which is okay, but most of these fabrics are silk blends. During weaving, materials like cotton and polyester are blended into the silk, and the resultant fabric is a downgrade from pure silk. It’s even cheaper, and its qualities differ from that of plain silk. Pure silk is all-natural; it’s expensive and hypoallergenic. Avoid blended silk if the quality is a priority and are prone to allergies.

3. Silk type

There are various types of silk in the market; therefore, silk pillowcases differ based on quality, feel, durability, price, and many more factors. You can find different kinds of silk in weaves, such as satin and charmeuse. One of the best silks is the mulberry silk often found in the charmeuse weave. The silk originates from the Mori silkworm in China, where it’s woven and tops the list with the best quality. Its threads have incredible strength that contributes to its longevity. It is smooth, minimizes static electricity, and has no friction.

4. Weight of the silk

Silk is measured in momme which gives the actual weight of the fabric. A higher momme indicates that the weaving is so close together; therefore, the silk is dense and vice versa. A manufacturer determines the weight of the silk during production. Some are heavy and others light, so it depends on the kind of pillowcase you want. Ensure the weight is displayed on the case before making a purchase. The momme weight ranges between 15 and 30, and the higher the momme, the more the price.

Last words

Silk pillowcases are perfect for sleeping and are aesthetically pleasing. However, ensure the quality is good, and the weight is ideal for you. Be keen on the grade and avoid high-grade silks sold at lower prices. Also, consider the size to fit your pillows and the color options available.

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