How Does a Bad Caliper Affect Your Vehicle?


Where calipers ensure the safety of your vehicle, they can also cause you to stop in-road because of the embarrassing squealing sounds. Driving a car with worn-out calipers not only causes abnormal sounds but can also lead to serious damage.

Calipers are present in disc brake systems to minimize or eliminate the motion of the rotor when the driver presses the brakes. These components have higher endurance and require less maintenance compared to other parts. However, a timely inspection saves you from significant damages in the long run.

Risks The Braking System

Calipers are the main components of the braking system, and their improper functioning risks the entire braking system. They are responsible for connecting and disconnecting the brake pads to the rotor. However, the defective ones don’t pull away the brake pads as they should.

Resultantly the brake pads remain intact even when the brakes are not operating. It exerts unnecessary pressure on the entire braking system, which may cause it to break.

Moreover, since the calipers connect to rotors, the metal-on-metal friction damages both components. Knowing how long do brake calipers last will help you estimate if your calipers need a repair or if some other component is causing the issue.

Permanent Wear of Brake Pads

Since jammed or improper calipers exert unnecessary pressure on the brake pads, their wear is inevitable. In regular use the brake pads don’t wear so badly and keep working aptly.

However, defective calipers cause the pads to wear out permanently. Hence, you will need to replace the entire mechanism.

Decreased Braking Intensity

As the calipers wear out, they reduce the braking intensity of the vehicle. If the deterioration is significant, the brakes will not be powerful enough to stop the car. The calipers slip on the rotors instead of applying friction, causing brake failure.

Vehicle Vibration

You will feel significant vibrations in your vehicle when the brake and the calipers are worn. Since calipers are connected to the vehicle’s wheels, they can also upset their functioning. Misaligned wheels when driving at high-speed lead to hazards.

Tire Wear

An ineffective caliper affects your tires as well. They require frequent paddle pushes to attain the needed force for stopping the wheels. The rapid use of braking pedals leads to wear of the tires as they get a rough pause every time you brake.

Maintaining Your Brake Calipers

Maintaining your brake calipers is a great way to minimize major damage and ensure the smooth functioning of the braking system. If you are unsure of the caliper parts which require lubrication, you must consult an expert.

Begin by checking that all components are clean and there is no dirt accumulation. If you live in a dusty or humid area, it is best to inspect after six months.

To keep your brake calipers running, lubricate the slide pins. Moreover, you can schedule inspections for brake pads and caliper pistons to steer clear of unexpected damages.


Brake calipers are mechanical components, and like all others, they are also prone to deterioration and wear. They play such an important role in the vehicle’s braking. Therefore, drivers should not overlook the symptoms and dangers of a bad brake caliper.

Worn-out brake calipers disrupt the functioning of adjoining parts as well. For instance, they exert unwanted pressure on the braking system and rotor causing them to break. Moreover, they also lead to tire wear and brake pad wear. Driving a vehicle with worn calipers is extremely dangerous. Therefore, you must follow the proper inspection and maintenance schedule to avoid inconveniences.

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