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Old School RuneScape Gold is the primary currency, and as a result, it is highly sought after by all players. It is much easier to go through the game’s various challenges if you have access to more gold. Because of this, gold is a necessity for almost every gamer. In this article, we’ll go over some of the most unusual and exciting, and proven Gold Farming ways that are accessible in the Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Players of all skill levels will be able to benefit from the inclusion of both entry-level and advanced strategies.

Runs on a Regular Basis

Running daily is a simple and effective way to keep your bank account stocked with cash. Using ultracompost, you may earn 150-250k gold per run, and each run only takes about six minutes! Another simple way to gain more gold is to perform birdhouse runs.

You can still earn gold in the Nightmare zone by purchasing herb boxes from Dom Onion’s Reward Shop with excess fight XP points. This means that if you can get through 15 boxes each day without any additional effort, you’ll be making 150 thousand per day!


It is common knowledge that runecrafting is the game’s lowest skill, so why would anyone bother learning it? Possibly not. Many individuals are discouraged from trying runecrafting unless they have a specific need for it. Although training takes a long time, the financial rewards you receive after reaching a high level outweigh the inconvenience. Runecrafting skill cape flexing is also a great way to get the attention of the more inexperienced players around you.

Eradication of the Blue Dragon

Go dragon-hunting instead of relaxing on a farm with your friends if you’ve got that Slaying skill up. Using this gold-making method effectively necessitates combat skills of at least 70 for ranged attacks, 80 for melee attacks, 37 for magic attacks, and an overall level of 70 to profit from this gold-making method.

The dragons drop a lot of hide and bones and a lot of loot, and a lot of XP. Using dragon bones and the Blue Dragonhide Armor gives benefits to ranged weapons and spell hits while grinding the Prayer skill.

Catching Sharks

You don’t have to be a drudge to improve your fishing skills. You’re under no obligation to fish in a secluded pond or cast a line in a crowded river. If you have a Membership, go out and get some genuine monsters and make some decent gold while doing it. As a component of health-restoring potions and high-level food, sharks are a need for players venturing into the game’s more dangerous locales. To catch and cook them, you’ll need at least 76 fishing skills and a Cooking skill level of 80, and they’ll both reward you with XP.

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